Transport Consulting

I can work with planners and developers to ensure that schemes are as accessible as possible from the walking perspective, and this can include mapping desire lines, so that pathways and safe road crossings are provided where they are needed. I can also demonstrate how local road layouts can adopt filtered permeability measures in order to be more attractive for all users, while still maintaining the necessary access. A permeability audit can be conducted early on in the development stage so that walking routes are integrated into housing layouts from the start. This can include an investigation of vital links into neighbouring streets, such that any potential challenges over adjacent land ownership can be resolved as quickly as possible.

Walkable Neighbourhoods

Compact and walkable neighbourhoods offer two distinct advantages to developers, the first and most obvious one being that better connectivity to the local area can significantly improve land values. The second advantage is that a walkable development can usually support a higher density configuration, because the more services tend to become available within any one defined area, thus developer yield is increased further. Was this approach is well documented in the Netherlands, it has also been particularly successful in the USA, where individually designed but close-knit “new urbanist” communities tend to fetch significantly higher returns on each unit, even though the unit footprint is much smaller.

If you would like more information about how my transport planning consulting could help with your development, please use the enquiry form on the right-hand side.

Transport Modes

I can provide transport consulting across a variety of modes. Although my prime interest is in the movement of people rather than goods, the key metrics of all transport types are the same, namely to move as much as possible as quickly as possible using the smallest necessary amount of time and at the lowest cost. If there is one major exception to this, then it comes from transport provided in the leisure and tourism sector, where the aim is often not to move at speed, but rather to take the most scenic route possible. Having worked for a decade in the aviation industry, I am fully aware of the key issues affecting tourist travel, from urban walking tours right up to the provision of hotels and charter flights.

How can I help you achieve your goals with your transport project? Please use the enquiry form on the right, giving brief details of your project scope and objectives, and I will reply to you within one working day.

For further details about transport planning consulting on a mode by mode basis, please also see:

  • Walking and cycling.
  • Roads and parking.
  • Public transport, including buses, light rail, urban heavy rail, intercity rail and high-speed rail.
  • Aviation, including airport development, passenger carrying air services and airfreight.

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