About myself

I graduated with an MA degree in architecture from Edinburgh University in 1998, with dissertation and major report topics including New Urbanist developments in the USA and UK, and an investigation into the new airport in Denver.

I initially worked on a range of Internet projects, and these included rebuilding the website for London’s famous Cutty Sark. In the autumn of 2002 I went to the south of France on an architectural tour, but was unable to find a single reliable source detailing which airlines operated to which French cities from UK regional airports. This led to the establishment of flightmapping.com, which grew rapidly to become one of the U.K.’s leading independent travel websites, handling over 300,000 visitors per month at its peak in 2007. A subsidiary website, Carornocar.com, took a detailed look at urban transport in some 100 destinations around the world, and gave advice about whether or not it was worth getting a hire car in each one.

After a period of illness, I started campaigning for improvements to cycling facilities in Coventry and the neighbouring areas, before helping my brother William Avery set up WEA planning in the summer of 2014. This website briefly sets out the extensive knowledge I am able to offer in the field of transport planning, together with specific services I can provide.