Transport planning

I can work with developers from the early stages of project creation to help ensure that their planning schemes offer the best possible transport mix, so that they aren’t just fully compatible with local development plans, but they are also able to ensure that objections on transport grounds are kept to a minimum.

In particular, I can help developers establish the likely local desire lines for walking and cycling routes, so the development layout is designed to encourage these modes right from the start. Effective walking routes should also include easy access to bus stops and other public transport facilities. Developments which use a strategy of filtered permeability, where walking and cycling routes are well connected, but motorised through traffic is kept out, tend to be the most attractive to end users.

Developments which are friendly to pedestrians and cyclists can also still provide a high quality of access to motor vehicles, because they can often have more space left over for parking. The aim of a well developed transport scheme should be to ensure that motorised traffic can get in and out and can park as easily as possible, whilst also developing a network of direct and safe active travel routes.

For further details about how I can help with your transport planning scheme, please use the enquiry form on the right.